Thermal transfer overprinting, or TTO, is a digital technology used to print information, data, dates and codes onto thin, flexible packaging materials such as film, pouches, and labels. On a TTO printer, a ribbon is positioned between a print head and the material to be printed. The process occurs when the elements within the thermal print head produce heat that will melt the thermal transfer ribbon. The melting process causes the ink to transfer onto the substrate to produce the desired image.

Dynacode series set a new standard for the printing of foil packaging. It has reliability, flexibility, mode speed, print resolution, installation position and cost efficient. There are no limits regarding the wishes and needs of our customers.


• Optimal transfer ribbon usage

• All common interfaces for fast data exchange

• Minimum of wear part

• Intermittent and continuous mode freely selectable

• 7’’ touch screen colour display

• Intuitive graphical user interface with icon button

• Up to 900m transfer ribbon for long production running times