Leibinger printers are German made manufactured by Paul Leibinger with 2 years warranty. Leibinger printers are not only made of highest engineering standards. They also have unique features that make them more reliable to use and easier to maintain. The features are:

Automatic Nozzle Seal:the problem with continuous inkjet is that the ink dry fast. Any pause in production often result to dried ink and blocked nozzle. With Leibinger unique sealtronic technology. When production stops, the nozzle retracts, closing the ink loop and prevent it from drying out. To start again, the nozzle extends out and carries on printing without cleaning or rinsing circle.

High Efficiency:With a minimal consumable, energy, as well as maintenance, the highest efficiency is guaranteed. A bottle of ink will print about 120 millions characters at 7×5 matrixes.

Easy To Maintain:the printers are made of highly durable materials and also designed so that all component can be replaced separately if required. The stainless steel housing is build to last and for wasteless maintenance.

Easy To Handle :the window based interface allow easy handling of the printer, variety of functions are clearly show on the touch screen display, clear operational instructions and remote access to tablet and smart phone.

Easy To Integrate: Leibinger printers are designed to keep production line going by providing a varieties of different models and range of accessories to ensure that the printer can integrate into virtually any production line. It is easy to use as PC with a clear and intuitive WYSIWYG display.

• High efficiency to control operating cost

• Incomparable reliability; 2 years warranty

• Low consumption of consumable

• Automatic nozzle seal which rig clogging and frequent cleaning

• Speed up to 1000M/min

• Fast integration into production line


• The go to printer for SPEED and SIZE

• It help to drive faster productivity

• Good for printing on smaller products or component


• The CIJ that thrives in DUSTY environment

• It offers all functionality and reliability with innovation that keep production going when particles fly

• Good for flour mills, timber yard, cement factories, small air borne particles factories


• The most advanced , feature- rich printer

• Offers a wide range of options for connectivity, job control, nozzle side and head configuration

• Extremely fast printing


• The printer specifically designed for high contrast PIGMENTED INK

• Necessary for legibility on dark surfaces or color printing

• Unique hydraulic system for constant pigmented ink circulation and agitati